New Blog, New Year!

Happy New Year to friends, family, and new readers such as you. 

As a new blogger, I would like to illuminate my vision and intentions for this blog, for you, my new and treasured reader:

  • To express myself to family and friends- I can be a confusing person to interact with, and am always searching for new avenues to lift the fog that may come between us.  Togetherness and relationships are very important to me.
  • To explore the medium of writing short and focused pieces in order to solidify and expand my writing prowess.
  • To educate people about autism in a fun and casual way.
  • To provide an outlet for my busy brain that runs in circles if not taken on frequent walks.        
  • To be open to surprises and unexpected fun along the way.

A journey I hope you will take with me.

Welcome to my view.


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8 Responses to New Blog, New Year!

  1. Mom says:

    Hi Dillon–
    I just love this blog! Thanks for telling us all about what’s going on with you–I’m really looking forward to keeping up with your doings!

  2. Simone Isner says:

    Hey dillon. It’s so cool that you created a blog. I’ve always wanted to. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to check out everything you put up.
    I love you!!!!!!!

  3. Victoria York says:

    Hi Dillon! This is really cool. I love the special way you are reaching out to the people who love you most to connect on a different level. Loved reading your review of “True Grit” although not a big fan of the Brothers Coen myself. But I am really looking forward to seeing “Cars 2” (“Cars” is in my top three FAV movies of all time) and “Rio” with the boys 🙂 I look forward to checking in once in a while to see how my favorite nephew in California is doing! I love you. xoxo Aunt Victoria

  4. Grandma Simone says:

    This is just so great! I look forward to communicating with you and knowing more about your activities, thoughts, etc. I especially liked your movie review and totally agree about the Airbender movie.

    Love, Grandma

  5. Hey Dillon,

    You have inspired me! I was reluctant to see True Grit, but I just may have to change my mind and go see it! Paul would be thrilled if I’m willing to join him, so he’ll thank you too! ;o))

    I love your intentions for your blog and wish you all the best sweetie!! So cool that you want to put yourself out there in this way.

    Must be a time to stretch and grow in that department! I’m feeling my own call to reach out and connect more with others with my artwork and am exploring new ways to do so!!

    love and huge hugs, Christine


    Happy Valentine’s Day! I like your new blog. I also like that you keep an old lady
    finding new things. Thanks Dillon. I need to keep my brain in motion as well.
    Love you.
    Aunt Marge

  7. carolyn townsend says:

    I agree! I adore the fiesty courageous Hailee Steinfeld! And still quite heartbroken about little blackie. Keep writing…please..we will be listening.

  8. This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions

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