Hailee Steinfeld has True Grit!

If you haven’t seen True Grit, beware of spoilers.

True Grit shines with the Coen brothers at the helm of this modern day remake of the John Wayne classic. What a shock this movie was to me. I was expecting a gritty performance from Jeff Bridges, who has developed quite a range of character-acting abilities in his modern roles. As expected, Bridges delivered.

But, it was a break-out performance from 13 year old actress Hailee Steinfeld (as Mattie Ross) that impressed me immediately. She anchored the film with a realistic portrayal of a young girl, grief stricken, but motivated by a sense of justice to find the scoundrel responsible for the brutal killing of her father. Hailee Steinfeld delivered a no cheese, no syrup performance; something rare to achieve as a young actress. I haven’t seen such an outstanding young performance since Keisha Castle-Hughes  played the lead in the instant classic Whale Rider. I can’t wait to see Hailee in other films!

I wasn’t sure Hollywood had access to any fresh talent, especially after M. Night Shyamalan destroyed The Last Air Bender. Do yourself a favor: if you are thinking about putting The Last Airbenderby M. Night Shyamalan on your Netflix que, just slap yourself instead. It will hurt less than watching his adaptation (read as: dreadful mutation) of the classic and imaginative cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Don’t be afraid to watch cartoons, people! This one’s a must see!) 

Ah, yes! Hailee Steinfeld has given me some hope for Hollywood’s future. In a landscape of over-processed, over-digitized, over-enhanced, and weak-scripted box-office-grade movies, this one stands out. The violence in the movie can be abrupt, and I can’t compare it to the 60’s original that I haven’t yet seen.  But, I would definitely recommend this movie to those of you who have the guts to withstand periodic violence in the name of justice.  The quintessential violent scene: Matt Damon’s Texas Ranger character gets a serious tongue injury from a scuffle with a bad guy, but he doesn’t stay quiet for long. (Don’t we all hope for a silent Matt Damon sometimes?) 

If you haven’t seen True Grit yet, you’re missing Hailee’s awesome performance.  Check out the True Grit Trailer (Courtesy of Paramount) if you need more persuasion.

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  1. Al Spivack says:

    Hi Dillon,
    I am glad to be included in your blogsite. Congratulations on getting it started. Your writings have always been welcome, informative, and very warm.
    My suggestion is to keep the log of your communications. Your ability to discuss autism has taught me much and given me an understanding that all my years in medicine did not.
    Al S

  2. Shawn Mulkey says:

    I agree: good movie.

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