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2011 Spring Ode to Camping: Top Reasons to Plan an Outdoor Adventure

I have this new love for camping. Perhaps it is the new spring air and the two consecutive sunny days making me daydream. But, hear me out!  Camping is so awesome. From the time I tumble out of the car, stiff muscles … Continue reading

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Croutons: The Overlooked Salad Topping

They come in fancy little boxes at the grocery store. One could pay up to $6 for such boxes full of stale bread with seasoning on top. Recently, we made our own croutons:  We started by cutting a (thawed) frozen gluten-free baggette into bite … Continue reading

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Easy and Delicious Protein Pancakes

I lovefood.  My roommates, Shawn and Ahron, are awesome cooks. Ahron is a grill master, with an honorary PhD in ribology. It’s no surprise he’s good on the grill, our resident blacksmith. Barbecue from Ahron is truly a sublime, no utensils, experience. Meat … Continue reading

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Hailee Steinfeld has True Grit!

True Grit movie review Continue reading

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New Blog, New Year!

Happy New Year to friends, family, and new readers such as you.  As a new blogger, I would like to illuminate my vision and intentions for this blog, for you, my new and treasured reader: To express myself to family and … Continue reading

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